Female Hormone Health 101

Females hormones are a tricky one, they vary from each induvial, and can have multiple elements to it. I find many women's hormones have not just one part being imbalanced but multiple as they all play together in the body!

Best tips to supporting regular hormones!

1. Regular sleep! no sleep = no restoration 

2. Skipping the extra coffee, swap for decaf or even a cacao hot chocolate with maca and coconut milk! delish. 

3. Swap to organic tampons & pads, non organic products have found to leave traces inside the uterus and leach synthetic hormones into the uterine tissue, this also counts for plastics, synthetic house hold cleaners and non naturla make-up. Ditch it and go natural with some of my favourite brands such as Tom organics for female products, Inika or Byron Bay naturals for Make up, Dr Bronners for body products, Abode home for house hold cleaners!

4. Mindfullness

used to help reduce stress hormones which then supports the balance of other hormones during your cycle. Stress is a biggie and can not only disrupt your hormones but also cause more inflammation & ill health.