Immunity support

It sucks when winter or spring comes around and all you can deal with is the blocked nose, runny snot, coughs and massive fatigue. My favourite tips to help with boosting your immune system can include 

1. Keeping in safe sun exposure for maximum 20 minutes a day. Maintaining adequate vitamin D is vital in keeping a regular immune system in tact, however we also want to avoid high UV exposure that can cause skin damage & increase melanoma risk, a fine balance especially if your light skinned, best time of day is between 8-10 am during your daily exercise time. 

2. Keeping on top of your high stress times. When we get stressed we aim for more processed foods and less rest, all factors in causing a decreased immune system. Stress causes our immune system to be suppressed, then when we add in processed foods that are LOW in nutrients this increases inflammation and bodys ability to balance itself out. THEN adding less sleep where your body has even less time to restore itself during night this adds in a triple storm of susceptibility to your immunity. 

3.Foods to support immunity such as ginger, bone broth, miso soup, citrus fruits, horseradish, manuka honey. All help in counteracting different elements of the immune system but overall will increase your chances of busting the virus on its head!