Keeping your chill when life goes crazy

Sometimes life changes, it's expected but it always takes a role on our energy, thoughts, routine and even our nervous system. 

Now a days when a stressful event arises our bodies go into their fight or flight or freeze state. It varies from person to person. Some people take action so ignore it , but what you can do is to remember that previously life has been hard-you've already gone through hard times before and you can certainly get through it again. 


1. Reach out to loved ones, friends and tell them your not doing okay. People won't know unless their told. 

2. Take a long breather, don't worry about that task that's due, your mental health and you come first- prioritise you and say no or take the day off if needed. 

3. Make a plan and write it down. Even journalling if that's your thing-write whatever comes up or write your action plan of what's happened, what can I do to help in my control, what I can't control, how I feel are some good starting points. 

4. Give free counselling hotlines a call, sometimes just talking to someone professional is needed. 

Lifeline: 13 11 14 

Grief line: 95967799

Men's line: 1300789978 

Parent line: 13 22 89

5. Remember your an amazing person, you've got this.