Pathology & tests

As a qualified naturopathic practitioner i have the ability to request pathology tests. These are done at the clients own expense, as they are not covered under any rebates. Depending on where you are in Australia or USA some pathology labs may charge a small fee to draw the blood. All the tests come with very specific instructions to complete. 


Testing that can be conducted include


-parasite analysis

-gut microbiome mapping 

-general vitamin levels (magnesium, zinc, b12, folate)

-inflammation (CRP, ESR, homocysteine)

-thyroid panel (thyroid complete including thyroid antibodies, reverse t3, t4, t3 and TSH)

-Food allergy testing (blood test) 88 different foods

-Hormones (DUTCH test, sex hormones, cortisol, DHEA)

-Methylation panel

-Heavy metal hair analysis 

-Liver function test 

-Kidney function test 

If you would like to purchase a test you can ether email at or head to the store and purchase the kit.