Questions & Answers 

Why is Naturopathic medicine different to general medicine?

Well we love to use a preventative approach first, we aim to investigate what is contributing, causing and sustaining your current 'ill' health. We will use natural medicines like herbal tinctures or tablets/powders, nutrition & lifestyle changes that suite you to enhance your bodies own healing process. The consults will go for minimum of 45-60 minutes given what type of consult is needed. This gives us plenty of time to look at your lifestyle, environment, diet, physical symptoms and much more that give us the real answers of what your condition is and how it can be healed.


why does it cost $170 for a initial consult?

Not only are you paying for the time of the consult but also outside of the consult time, your paying for a practitioner to take your whole health treatment into very knowledgeable hands, a complimentary included check in phone call (10 minutes). On top of this outside time you are also paying for genuine care and long term health support of me working with your other medical practitioners (with your consent) and prescribed supplements or nutrients that will be active. 

Note: why keep paying small amounts of money over a long time period that end up costing more money and time? A lot of people believe they should continue self diagnosing or self treating-this doesn't help any one in the long term & wastes time and pain. 


What should i bring to the consult?

If you have had any pathology tests done in the last 6 months or less, please have copies of these. Quite frequently i will request additional testing if i see it to be necessary. Also bringing a list of medications and supplements & their brand names is highly applicable to your consultation. 


What can i expect from the consult? 

Depending on each persons condition, i may or may not prescribe to you, if i do not this will be because i need additional information form pathology, safety is my first priority and will never risk a patients health to deteriorate if i am questioning any element. The consult will have lots of pre assessment questions (which will be emailed and need to be filled our prior to your consult), then in the consult we will have further questions around your life and your health, then talking about what is the root cause of your health and further aiding it by a short term & long term treatment. 


Why should i buy the prescribed supplements when i can get them cheaper else where?

Good question! sometimes i do actually recommend easily attainable supplements because some are actually good quality! However most of your over the counter supplements from the supermarket or pharmacy dont have research behind them to back their therapeutic effect or they might be poor quality that does not have sufficient active herbs/nutrients in it. Part of the included price is that you get to have access to practitioner supplements that are prescribed for you.  


Will i be given home work outside of the consult?

Sometimes yes, a food diary may be provided or a mood questionnaire, these are all very critical in fine tuning your health treatment plan. Nothing excessive but it is important to be done. 


If i have some difficulty deciding whether or not this is for me?

Please don't hesitate to give me a call or email! I am more then happy to discuss with you whether your condition is suitable for naturopathic medicine! this is what our discovery call is about. 


Will you give me a crazy diet that restricts everything good? 

NO! This does no body any good, it just leaves you and your family loved ones frustrated. if you are prescribed a diet change in a consult then substitutes will be provided (good ones i promise!). 


If i have some financial difficulties is there any way i can get support still?

Yes of course! we are offering Afterpay soon and if your financial situation deteriorates further please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to arrange other alternatives if necessary.


What type of testing can you do?

as a practitioner we have access to tailored testing, including:

-Smart DNA profile (SNP testing)

-Microbiome stool test

-DUTCH test for Hormones 

-Micro minerals 

-CDSA for parasites/ pathogenic bacteria and yeast specie over growths. 

-Intolerance testing 

*All have variable costs so please contact us at naturopathicalchemy@gmail.com.au for further information. 


What type of supplements can you prescribe? 

Everything except for pharmaceutical medication (Naturopaths can not advise on any type or kind of pharmaceutical medication information or use of). Nutrients & Herbs from all practitioner only companies.  


If I need to change my appointment what do I do? 

You can easily change your appoinent via practise better email appointment link. (check spam folder if you can't find it! Or email us at naturopathicalchemy@gmail.com) However please note our Change & cancellation policy. We request a minimum of 24 hours-notice for cancelling or rescheduling of appointments. Our therapists want to be available for your needs and the needs of all our clients. When a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment, another client loses the opportunity to use our services. In this regard, No-shows and appouintments cancelled within 2hours of booked time will incur 100% cancellation fee and appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

This also applies to drastic appointment changes on the service you are booked in for – for example if you are booked in for a long service and you change your mind and would only like a short treatment, you must let us know 24 hours prior to your appointment time.