The Never ending Burn out ebook

The Never ending Burn out ebook

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Trying to get past burn out? And no matter how much you rest or sleep you can't see changes?  Low motivation? Never ending fatigue?

Look no further then insight from a holistic integrative naturopath who helps people around the world get back to their best selves. 

Utilised support that has been used successfully in the past to help others become their best versions of themselves

Including in-depth information on

-sleep rituals for fatigue sufferers 

-Diet support for burn out sufferers

-lifestyle tips + alternatives to support burn out healing

-Nutrient tips & tricks

-Mental health tips on recovering 

-insight activity into what's depleting you & what could fill you back up again 

Written by a second generation medical practitioner, Mim Lowe. This is a quick and easy read to implement and support burn out + Fatigue sufferers to help you getting back to your vibrant, best self in no time! 

This is an electronic ebook that will be emailed after purchasing.