Detox Super Greens Facial elixir

Detox Super Greens Facial elixir

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Formulated by specialised our Skin Naturopath, this facial elixir is an oil based serum. The highest grade 'green elixir' currently in the beauty market, it has the highest content of healing botanicals-Milk thistle seed oil is a potent antioxidant and detoxifier in the skin, helping clear toxins and pollution out of the pores, Tamanu oil which gives its intense green colour of chlorophyll which has been used for decades in healing old scares (we've seen some diminish in less then 1 week on our human experimenters) and enriching the nutrients back into the skin. Add in a few serves of greens from Spearmint and Gotu kola infused sweet almond oil, both have been used extensively on healing androgenic prone acne skin and increasing natural collagen production. top it off with natural antibacterial papaya and grapeseed extract that help support the skins microbiome & barrier. This elixir is small but brings a serious boost and noticeable difference to their beholder.

-cruelty and animal free
-free of nasties

Milk thistle seed oil, Gotu Kola & spearmint infused sweet almond oil, tamanu oil (natural green colour) coffee bean extract, grapeseed extract (citricidal-naturally dervied).

pour 1 drop into the finger tips and move into circular motions around the cheeks, forehead and neck. Blend in up to the under eye but please wash out if contact with eyes occur. Use twice a day after cleansing.