Herbal Infused Cherry blossom with Bergamot essence 100ml

Herbal Infused Cherry blossom with Bergamot essence 100ml

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Awake to the limited edition cherry blossom, once she blooms she disappears quickly. 

Beautiful pink cherry blossom buds enrich and bring a lovely subtle aroma to the oil, adding in enriching Sacha inchi oil that contains natural vitamin E & Omega-3 that brings non stop loving to the skin. 

Investing in self care is a given priority in this new age, uplift your soul, body and mind with our beautiful hand made, vegan, eco friendly and natural body oil. 


Get ready to self indulge by setting up your favourite self care routine, hitting the hot shower and drying off to then pour a 20 cent piece of oil into the palm, rubbing together to blend all over and moving the oil from the bottom to the top of the body. Avoiding tingly bits is a must. Use once a day after a body scrub for best results.


Fractionated coconut oil (omega-6) Sacha inchi (omega-3 & vitamin E) oil, dehydrated cherry blossom, bergamot fragrance oil.

Heads up


Due to this product using products of nature, the colour and flowers may be a slightly altered form of each product. This can be a result of seasonal changes. We do not offer refunds or exchanges of differentiation. Please see our terms & conditions for refunds or exchanges. 


Only for use by adults. Always test patch on a discrete area of skin and if a reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical assistance. Anyone with an allergy to coconut, essential oils, flowers, or herbs should not use. Stop use if any reaction or allergy occurs. Do not inhale or ingest, keep away from children. Keep away form face & eyes . Not to be used in replacement for any type of professional medical advise.