Rose Quartz Crystal infused Body mist 100ml

Rose Quartz Crystal infused Body mist 100ml

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Welcome to your next self care addition, sage and rose Otto essential oil bring a sense of love from the heart. Rose quartz has traditionally been used by Sharmans to support opening of the hearts energies and inner peace. 

Spray post morning routine or keep by the bedside to keep any bad juju away. 

Instructions: spray 30 cm's away from body. 

Stop use if any reaction or allergy occurs. 

Ingredients: H20, Rose quartz, rose and sage essential oil, natural essential oil dispersant

Method of use

Try out this deluxe boujee ritual by getting into your favourite 'relaxing' place of solitude and once comfortable, holding tightly on the glass sides and spraying 30cm's away from the face, mouth and eyes. Avoid applying around eyes and tingly bits is a must. 

Heads up 

Due to this product using products of nature, the colour and crystals may be a slightly altered form of each product. This can be a result of seasonal changes. We do not offer refunds or exchanges of differentiation. Please see our terms and conditions for refunds or exchanges. 

Only for use by adults. Always test patch on a discrete area of skin and if reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical assistance. Anyone with an allergy to coconut, essential oils, flowers, or herbs should not use.